Six Physical Benefits from a Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bike

Most people never heard of the word recumbent before, but it is an interesting term that is used to describe the design of an exercise bike. You end up sitting low to the ground while reclining or leaning back. Why they are not called reclining bikes is one of those business world mysteries. You can find this style of bike with most companies that sell this kind of equipment. The Schwinn recumbent exercise bike is part of the companies hundred year tradition of offering affordable, quality bikes for the everyday consumer.

Here six types of physical benefits you will get from using a Schwinn recumbent exercise bike

They are ergonomic, which means the design of the machine is able to maximize a workout’s productivity by almost eliminating any muscle fatigue. The design spreads the energy equally over all body areas. This gets you evenly distributed weight, so you do not overextend any one muscle group.

The ergonomic design means there is a whole lot less strain placed on the arms, shoulders, and neck than is used with an upright bike. It also does not hurt the lower back, which for many is the reason they shy away from working out or joining a gym.

Reclining while exercising allows for relaxed abdominals which mean better breathing. It gives increased aerobic capacity while you are exercising and that ends up with overall more effective results. It simply makes breathing fuller or deeper.

Most models have a large, bucket seat which creates a comfortable resting position with no worries about soreness related to the seats on most upright bikes. This comfy seat also helps to exercise those good old gluteal muscles as well.

There is a computerized LCD monitor that keeps track of your pulse, the length of the workout. Some high-end models calculate calories burned, body mass, and have fitness tests.

There are also a variety of built-in programs that will challenge you and give you choices each time you use it. These bikes have a multiple degrees or levels of resistance built into the system, so over time, you can build the degree of resistance to make the most of the workout.

Each and every time you use a recumbent exercise bike, the relaxed breathing combined with even muscle distribution will give you a beneficial workout. With the Schwinn recumbent exercise bike, in particular, they are made so that beginners will easily be able to gradually build up their intensity, difficulty and resistance levels. More advanced users will find plenty of variety and choices at their levels. Of course, no exercise equipment is magic, you have to do your part. It needs to be used regularly and the workout needs to be long enough and intense enough to create a good aerobic heart rate. As with any exercise program, it is important to consult your personal doctor before joining a gym or purchasing a piece of equipment.

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