Recumbent Exercise Bike Or Upright Stationary Bike, Which is the Better Option?

Recumbent exercise bikes are storming ahead in the popularity stakes. It is easy to see exactly why this is, for their visual appeal alone, suggests a very easy ride to attain fitness. Looks like exercising in total comfort and relaxation, and you’re not wrong, with its large comfortable layback seat, doesn’t suggest a hard taxing workout. Whereas, the upright stationary bike doesn’t have the same appeal, as far as comfort goes.

If you are just starting out, and happen to be overweight, then the recumbent exercise bike is the answer, for there will be no stress on the joints, particularly the hips, as can happen with the upright stationary bike. The sheer comfort of the recumbent exercise bike lessens the impact on the joints, and back. A huge plus for the recumbent exercise bike is that it allows you to multi-task, that has a great workout, while reading, in some instances you may be able to operate a keyboard, and of course watching TV doesn’t present a problem with either the recumbent or the upright exercise bike,

Recumbent Exercise Bike Or Upright Stationary Bike, Which is the Better Option?

Knowing that you are capable of getting a thorough cardiovascular workout, while performing other activities simultaneously, perhaps doing some weights.No matter what your level of fitness is, even if you are way advanced, you can still have a challenging workout with a recumbent exercise bike, all you have to do is increase the resistance.

Recumbent exercise bikes are suitable for any fitness level and offer a lot of advantages for those who have physical problems. For those who have sciatica, or are prone to this problem, can exercise with a recumbent exercise bike, without causing an aggravation of the problem, the recumbent exercise bike does not place stress on the hips, or back, and for this reason can be of great benefit to those recovering from surgery.The recumbent exercise bike is safe to use, and does not stress knee, hips or back.

Unfortunately, the upright stationary exercise bike can exacerbate hip problems, and is generally more stressful on the body, and is, therefore, not the ideal choice for those with physical problems.

There is a vast array of recumbent exercise bikes to choose from, what you choose may be determined by a number of factors, perhaps the most important one is price, followed by what your needs are, be it to lose weight, to attain fitness, or to rehabilitate yourself after surgery.

You will find a recumbent exercise bike to suit. The higher the price tag, you will find you have more options to choose from, some have built in programs which monitor heart rate, calorie consumption, pulse rate, as well as your average speed. Just remember, what you save on gym fees, can allow for, perhaps, a more expensive choice of a recumbent exercise bike.

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