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Schwinn 230 vs Schwinn 270: Which is the Best?

Within this Schwinn 230 versus Schwinn 270 assess publish they’re put facing one another to describe how both of these recumbent stationary bikes differ to assist to reply to the large question whether the main difference in cost is actually justified.

Initially look these bikes look remarkably similar. Which is expected because they produced by exactly the same company and will have most of the same parts.

The only real apparent variations whenever you look and do a comparison initially may be the cost and also the seat – using the Schwinn 270 being many its seat being padded.

But there are several other variations to consider using the Schwinn 270 using the console getting more functionality.

Both bikes get high ratings from customers overall – the general score is extremely similar that make it hard to choose from the 2.

Prior to getting into precisely how they differ this is a quick summary of these 2 recumbent stationary bike:

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

This top selling mid priced stationary bike has a quantity of good capabilities.

It’s quiet magnetic resistance with 20 marked levels along with a perimeter weight flywheel to supply a smooth pedaling experience reducing effect on the joints.

The console enables you to definitely play your own music and films through 2 loudspeakers, there’s a 3 speed fan to keep you awesome. a media shelf for the electronics and water bottle holder.

It’s 22 different workout programs together with a ramp up program and something you are able to looking for you to ultimately provide lots of variety for the exercising.

It may be adjusted for a variety of heights between 4ft 11 and 6 foot 3 ins. The seat is fairly comfortable and combined with the backrest it offers good support for that back.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

This bike has numerous wonderful features for supplying comfortable and efficient low impact exercise in your house.

The padded oversized seat and backrest give a comfortable riding position and support the back.

It’s 25 magnetic resistance levels which go in small increments. The riding motion is fluid with little impact which makes it gentle around the joints.

It arrives with the same accessories because the 230.

The bike has as many as 29 different workout programs that may be set and for use by individuals of abilities. You may also to create your personal workouts.

It may accommodate 4 different user profiles to trace and monitor progress individually.

It’s a basic bike so may be used as you’re watching TV or perhaps when other medication is sleeping because it won’t disturb them. The loudest noise will probably be your breathing.

Which One Should I Buy?

They are both excellent bikes to obtain low impact exercise. For me personally the three variations that take advantage difference would be the seat, the center rate monitoring and also the user profiles.

Should there be greater than 2 individuals using bike and you need to track your workouts and progress then your Schwinn 270 is the foremost option. It will are available using the better seat and also the choice to make use of the better heart beat strap for monitoring heart beat and learning your best heart beat zone. Additionally, it has more workout programs to provide variety for your workouts.

Another reason to choose schwinn 270 recumbent bike is if you wish to be utilising your heart beat zones for max practicing you age and fitness levels. You need to purchase the heartbeat strap individually however this provides you with a far more accurate and consistent studying compared to hands pulse sensors (this really is normal with all bikes). You could do this this (make use of a heartbeat strap) using the schwinn 230 but you’d have to monitor your heartbeat individually for your workout.

Learning the Benefits of Recumbent Exercise Bikes

As you walk inside an equipment store, you’ll realize that there are a lot of aerobic exercising tools to choose from. It’s quite hard to decide which one would really give you the benefits that you need. When buying aerobic exercising equipment, you should bear in mind that safety and comfort must always be on the top list. You should always pick out the one that you are most comfortable with, so you wouldn’t hesitate using it regularly. Among the most common aerobic exercising equipment are recumbent exercise bikes, and here are some things that you need to know.

Recumbent exercise bikes do have a lot of benefits that you can never find in any other kind of aerobic equipment. These aerobic bikes are compatible to any fitness level, most especially to those with physical deficiencies that need to be corrected. You need not worry about your safety since recumbent exercise bikes do have a strong support system to take care of your back.

The bucket seats within the bike offer a really comfortable sitting position so you won’t strain your back.

It doesn’t matter what your level of fitness is, in fact, even if your fitness level is already high, you can still use recumbent exercise bikes. You can still have a challenging workout through adjusting the level of resistance. If you want to do an uphill climb, you can always do so. Recumbent bikes can give you an active workout, thus saving you from the boredom that you get from stereotype aerobic exercise. You have the power to control the adjustments according to your level of fitness.

There are a lot of things that you need to consider when buying a recumbent bike, one of these is safety. A recumbent bike has a low sitting positing that creates lesser pressure.

Through this, your knees and back are not strained because of your safe position. This kind of bike is very much easy to use, and you’ll find yourself enjoying every minute that you spend with the equipment. In fact, you may find it very enticing to use it regularly, thus giving you more health benefits.

Recumbent exercise bikes come in various models, styles and price ranges. Of course, bikes with better qualities pay more and they tend to last longer. However, if you have a tight budget, you can always settle for bargains. There are some vendors who sell second-hand bikes, but be sure that you’d still get some warranty even from the used ones, just in case you encounter some problems.

Some recumbent bikes models do have a built-in exercise program that calculates a number of calories that you have burnt, as well as your average speed and pulse rating. One of the many benefits that you get from purchasing your very own recumbent bike is that you won’t have to worry about leaving your house every day and pay for gym fees. With this, you will be able to save money. If you think about it, it’s quite worthy to spend a little for something that could last for a long time.

Choosing an Exercise Program

The toughest and most important step in your exercise program is getting started. Choosing an exercise program is an important decision but choosing an exercise program is just the first step. An exercise program is designed to meet your specific needs and goals. If you have chosen well, getting started will be much easier.

A very important aspect of your exercise program is the intensity. Safety during your exercise program is also very important. The safest way to start an exercise program is to perform the chosen exercise or sport at a low intensity until the legs or arms ache or feel heavy. A good aerobic exercise program is one where a repetitive motion stimulates heart and lung activity for at least 30 minutes without stopping. The first thing to do though before starting any kind of exercise program is to consult with your doctor.

How to Choose an Exercise Program

A personalized exercise program is developed based on one’s individual medical condition and the current state of physical fitness. If you want to look good, feel good and live longer an exercise program is an excellent start. The first step in a fitness and exercise program is in deciding what type of exercise you enjoy. The final key in beginning an exercise program is to start slowly and progress gradually allowing your body to adapt to the new exercises. Educating yourself about what comprises an exercise program is the easy part of making fitness a part of your life.

Beginning an exercise program is scary stuff. However, before an exercise program is designed for you, your doctor or health care provider will perform an exercise assessment and screening. One of the reasons many individuals do not attempt an exercise program is because they feel they are not very athletic or coordinated. Anyone can exercise but each much exercise according to their own physical health and limitations.

When a new exercise program is started, it is the breakdown of muscle tissue that causes muscle fatigue and soreness. The key to starting and maintaining an exercise program is persistence. Sore muscles will disappear in no time. It is up to you to make sure that your family and friends understand how important your exercise program is to you. Having their support will help you persevere.

The goal of any sport or exercise program is to increase the heart rate, improve muscle tone, and build strength. Making a full commitment to your exercise program is the first step. One of the most important factors in beginning an exercise program is to select the most convenient time for you to exercise. Starting an exercise program is hard for everyone. Researchers have found that an exercise program is more successful if it includes variety and continually challenges the body to work hard. An exercise program is the only way to lead a long and healthy life.

Starting an exercise program is easy. After safety, the most important element in your exercise program is enjoyment. If your exercise program is a negative experience for you, it is not an appropriate program. A regular exercise program is beneficial for women as well as for men. For most people, a balanced exercise program is best. It’s important to remember that any bone density gains are largely lost after the exercise program is stopped. So stick with it!

The right exercise program is one that starts slowly and gradually increases in time and intensity. When an exercise program is specifically designed for you, your overall health can dramatically improve. The most important decision before beginning an exercise program is the choice of activity. Remember that the basis for any exercise program is muscle strength. Starting an exercise program is hard, but staying committed to it is even harder.

The purpose of a good exercise program is to find an enjoyable activity and do it regularly. An aerobics exercise program is a cornerstone to healthy living and an absolute necessity for someone who is trying to lose weight. Establishing and maintaining a balanced exercise program can be made easier by working with a fitness professional. Developing and implementing a comprehensive exercise program is a continually evolving process.

Tips For Choosing Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Choosing the best recumbent exercise bike for your own use will depend variable on your goal and the budget that you have. You should face the fact that, budget plays a major factor in buying such equipment because recumbent exercise bikes are made of machines that can be really costly. If you’re planning to buy one, here are the top five tips that you should take into consideration.

The structure is very important in recumbent exercise bikes. You need to look for those that can sustain your weight and that it is not rocky or shaky once you ride on it. Heavy bikes are more sturdy, so check out heavier ones. Do not settle for a lightweight bike as it tends to let you fall off the moment you ride on it since it will be all shaky, you might even get an injury. Always check the foundation of the bike above everything else. Aside from that, also consider the seat and wheel of the bike. You have to make sure that the seat is safe and comfortable to ride one.

After checking the structure, the next thing that you need to check is the electronics feature of the bike. When there are poor electronics, the feedback may not be accurate. Remember, when exercising with recumbent bikes, you need to monitor your average speed, pulse rate, and burning calories. Therefore, you the bike’s electronics must be exemplary in order for you to get good feedback.

Tips For Choosing Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Another thing that you need to consider is resistance. Resistance is known as the magnetic force that happens as soon as you start hitting the pedal. A lot of recumbent exercise bikes do not need outlets and most of them are self-contained. A good recumbent bike has a quiet resistance system, so you have to look for those silent ones. This is important in order for you to keep your focus and that you won’t be distracted by any annoying sound coming from the resistance system.

If you’re out to seek for the best recumbent exercise bikes, you have to sort out all the good stores. Check those shops that offer great recumbent bikes and that they allow customers to try the machine. You have to test the performance of the machine first before buying in order for you to check if the bike has any deficiencies. If you want to buy online, check out those reputable sites and be sure to deal only with a good company. Some online shops may offer discounts and even free shipment.

The price of the recumbent bike must always be taken into consideration. This kind of bike varies in prices. High-quality bikes are of course, more expensive. However, if you come to think of it, you may even save more on buying high-quality bikes than the cheap ones. Cheap ones may cost lesser, but then, they do not perform well and do not last long. High-quality bikes may cost a little over your budget, but it can last for a long time.

Recumbent Exercise Bike Guide

One of the best ways to get that cardio in, enhance lower body muscles, lessen lower back pain and do it all with very low impact is cycling. But with the weather being what it is, and busy lives being what they are, the next best thing, or maybe the better than best thing is a few laps around the virtual track on a recumbent exercise bike.

An advantage of recumbent biking is the posture the rider assumes. Since the recumbent bike is pressed against the backrest with legs in front of the torso, instead of beneath, there’s a level of comfort that’s not provided by upright exercise bikes or bicycles. Moreover, with increases in technology, even the least expensive recumbent model offers multiple resistance levels. While that feature can be found on most upright bikes, as well, your street bike can’t match this feature.

Unless you pedal to the mountains or roll into the mud, you can’t come close to some of the workouts provided by a recumbent. Even then, you don’t have the luxury of making your trek harder or easier; you’re at the mercy of the terrain. An added benefit offered with resistance feature variety and number is the recumbent bike’s adaptability to all levels of fitness. And the term “levels of fitness” doesn’t solely mean the sofa spud versus the tumbling tumbleweed. Imagine being in fine form one day, and dragging like a turtle missing morning coffee on another.

The ability to adjust workouts for the individual as well as those at opposite ends of the exercise enthusiasm scale immediately makes recumbent bikes more attractive to purchasers. A final note in favor of the recumbent exercise bike: while you’re pedaling along, racing the wind and conquering peaks, you can read, watch YouTube or the old-fashioned boob tube, turn up the tunes, and if you’re really good, knit a sweater. The advantage to this is decreased boredom. Less boredom leads to higher production, and more production, in this case, leads to a healthier you.

With an upright exercise bike, you’re forced to grip the handlebars and hold your head awkwardly. Granted your street bike doesn’t have the boredom issue attached, but the recumbent provides the best of both worlds, and no one says you have to give up your bicycle outings. In fact, the recumbent will enhance your enjoyment and ability when you get back on that “two-wheeler”. The last hurdle for the potential recumbent exercise bike owner: How will you ever decide which model to buy? The answer is both easy and not so easy.

As with any large appliance purchase, you want to:

1) Consider your budget (prices range from just below $200 to more than $2000 – remember you’re not going to enjoy your bike if you feel guilty every time you sit on it).

2) Talk to people who own recumbent bikes (get their opinions about the models they chose and find out what they wish their recumbent had that it doesn’t).

3) Read online reviews.

4) Poll fitness trainers or other athletes for their advice.

5) Rate the importance you place on each of the features (ergonomics (can you comfortably pedal like Lance Armstrong or do you feel as though your side saddle on a bucking bronco?) resistance levels, display clarity and ease of use, ease or difficulty when adjusting a routine, heart rate monitor, seat cushioning, (water) bottle holder, book rest, etc.).

6) Drive before you buy (play with the display features, pedal fast, pedal slow, push up the resistance, measure your heart rate, change programs mid-stream, in short, do everything you would do when looking to purchase a car). One last thing – congratulations on your new recumbent exercise bike and happy pedaling to you!

Fitness and Happiness: The Linked Benefits

Fitness and Happiness share important common ground. Both contribute significantly to better overall health, and both are lifelong processes that create lasting change.

On days when you don’t feel happy it’s best if you perform any cardio you enjoy at a heart rate of 50-60% of your heart rate max (HRMax). This is a low-intensity zone that provides primarily metabolic and emotional benefits. It’s good for lowering cholesterol, reducing emotional stress and improving blood pressure.

Focus on breathing in and out through the nose. This technique will allow you to disconnect from your stress. If you listen to music while exercising it should be soothing, not overly excitable or it will be counterproductive and only increase blood pressure.

Heart rate max is calculated by subtracting your age from 220 for men, and 226 for women; then multiply that total by .50 – .60. These numbers will give you the high and low numbers to keep your heart rate at while you exercise.

By performing as little as 10-minutes of resistance or weight training positive mood increases can last up to 12 hours. In part because of the sense of accomplishment that takes place and because of the increase in serotonin levels that occurs from lifting weights.

Something else to consider. As both exercisers and non-exercisers, we sometimes fall into the trap of thinking, “hey I worked out or owe myself a reward or treat for doing something good!” This is a crazy trap because most of us choose foods or items that are counterproductive to our long term goal of better health and better choice making and tend to be of the heavy caloric variety.

Recumbent Exercise Bike Or Upright Stationary Bike, Which is the Better Option?

Recumbent exercise bikes are storming ahead in the popularity stakes. It is easy to see exactly why this is, for their visual appeal alone, suggests a very easy ride to attain fitness. Looks like exercising in total comfort and relaxation, and you’re not wrong, with its large comfortable layback seat, doesn’t suggest a hard taxing workout. Whereas, the upright stationary bike doesn’t have the same appeal, as far as comfort goes.

If you are just starting out, and happen to be overweight, then the recumbent exercise bike is the answer, for there will be no stress on the joints, particularly the hips, as can happen with the upright stationary bike. The sheer comfort of the recumbent exercise bike lessens the impact on the joints, and back. A huge plus for the recumbent exercise bike is that it allows you to multi-task, that has a great workout, while reading, in some instances you may be able to operate a keyboard, and of course watching TV doesn’t present a problem with either the recumbent or the upright exercise bike,

Recumbent Exercise Bike Or Upright Stationary Bike, Which is the Better Option?

Knowing that you are capable of getting a thorough cardiovascular workout, while performing other activities simultaneously, perhaps doing some weights.No matter what your level of fitness is, even if you are way advanced, you can still have a challenging workout with a recumbent exercise bike, all you have to do is increase the resistance.

Recumbent exercise bikes are suitable for any fitness level and offer a lot of advantages for those who have physical problems. For those who have sciatica, or are prone to this problem, can exercise with a recumbent exercise bike, without causing an aggravation of the problem, the recumbent exercise bike does not place stress on the hips, or back, and for this reason can be of great benefit to those recovering from surgery.The recumbent exercise bike is safe to use, and does not stress knee, hips or back.

Unfortunately, the upright stationary exercise bike can exacerbate hip problems, and is generally more stressful on the body, and is, therefore, not the ideal choice for those with physical problems.

There is a vast array of recumbent exercise bikes to choose from, what you choose may be determined by a number of factors, perhaps the most important one is price, followed by what your needs are, be it to lose weight, to attain fitness, or to rehabilitate yourself after surgery.

You will find a recumbent exercise bike to suit. The higher the price tag, you will find you have more options to choose from, some have built in programs which monitor heart rate, calorie consumption, pulse rate, as well as your average speed. Just remember, what you save on gym fees, can allow for, perhaps, a more expensive choice of a recumbent exercise bike.

Workout with Comfort and Ease: Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bikes Just for You

It is a matter of fact that we still opt for analog devices when digital devices are there for our convenience. However, it’s a matter of time that we should reconsider the fact of not using analog technologies for our convenience. Analog technologies might be good, but they are yet to be tagged as the best. It’s a pity to watch old men and women struggle with their newly bought exercise recumbent bikes. The reason being they are analog. Analog recumbent bikes come along with heavy duty adjustments and necessary tunings.

This takes away the eagerness of even getting onto the bike and making the most out of it. What is the use of a fitness machine when we don’t even feel like making use of it? Well, in order to make things work in our terms and conditions it is necessary that we have equipment by which we make ourselves comfortable. Seeking to such an issue, fitness equipment manufacturing companies have now come up with new technologies of late. This new technology has eased the process of getting on with it altogether. The new technology that the manufacturing companies have come up with is the usage of “theory of magnetism” in these recumbent bikes. This is where the era of magnetic recumbent exercise bikes come into the picture.

The advantage of magnetic recumbent bikes over a non-magnetic recumbent bike…

Now before anything goes, one must first know that what is the advantage of having a magnetic mechanism over something which is analog? Well, a magnetic mechanism introduced in such fitness equipment is what that makes it “digital fitness equipment’. Why would you try and be a part of the heavy duty analog tuning of the pricey machine that you’ve bought when you have an option of having the setting done with a click of a button? Well, the magnet mechanism controls the resistance and the tightening of the pedals of the recumbent bike. With a just a button pressed, you can have the adjustments all by itself before you get started. You can say that magnet recumbent exercise bikes have some kind of an automatic mechanism introduced in exercise recumbent bikes of late to make things easier for old people and the young ones.

The Side of the Story: Magnetic recumbent exercise bikes are considered as one of the greatest inventions of all time in the world of fitness equipment. They are not that high priced, comes around for a hundred and fifty dollars and goes up to even five hundred dollars. They are very effective to one’s health. If you are having a home gym, make sure you have one of these. This is simply because with the arrival of new technology in your gym, you might as well have an enlistment of new faces. After all, what is the use of having a gym for people when no customers drop in? Well, there you go. A reason of having more customers now is there among your choices.

The Benefits of a Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbent exercise bikes are the answer to stressed knees and lower backs. Because of the reclining position on the recumbent bikes, as opposed to the upright models, the impact on joints is reduced. The lower body gets a great workout including gluteals, inner thighs, and calves.They are also great for a cardio workout. What could be more appealing than exercising while reclining, all seems so relaxed. Recumbent bikes are quiet and extremely comfortable, and for this reason, you can multi-task, such as talk, watch a movie, or read, all while you are getting a great workout for your lower body.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular, or aerobic, exercises use large muscle groups such as the quadriceps and hamstring muscles of the thighs and the gluteal muscles of the buttocks. Recumbent cycling is a form of cardiovascular exercise and might help to strengthen your heart and lungs and improve your body’s ability to use oxygen. Regular cardiovascular exercise can help decrease your heart rate and blood pressure and make breathing easier, according to WebMD. Speak to your doctor before starting any cardiovascular exercise program, including recumbent cycling.

Increased Strength and Weight Management

Cycling utilizes the large muscles in your legs, thighs, and buttocks to build more lean body mass. Recumbent cycling also builds strength in the lower extremities and, according to an article published in 2007 in “Clinical Biomechanics,” can be used for strength and rehabilitation exercises to help elderly people recover sit-to-stand and step-up movements. Cycling also burns calories, making it easier to lose and maintain weight.

Safety and Comfort

Recumbent cycling is safer than upright cycling due to a larger seat, back support and lower height. According to the article in “Clinical Biomechanics,” the use of a recumbent bicycle provides advantages for muscle and cardiovascular training in patient groups with impaired mobility. The larger seat, backrest, and semi-reclining position are more comfortable than a traditional small bicycle seat with an upright posture.

Less Stress on Knee and Hip

Recumbent cycling puts less stress on the knee and hip, so it may be beneficial for people with arthritis. According to an article on WebMD, recumbent bikes extend the angle of the knee joint so that the knee and hip aren’t flexing so much with each rotation. This means that a recumbent bicycle might cause less hip and knee pain than a traditional bicycle.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes (Advantages)

There are so many exercise bikes available that it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Spinning bikes, stationary bikes, dual action bikes, and recumbent bikes are probably some of the terms you’ve heard. It’s almost as though you have to be a fitness equipment engineer to understand the differences! Here’s a quick summary of these confusing terms.

Spinning Bikes

You’ve probably heard about the spin craze that has become so popular in health clubs. Spinning bikes usually have at least a front wheel that spins (which is why they are so brilliantly named spinning bikes). These bikes might be the current fad, but they aren’t very comfortable. The seats are small and hard. The classes make these boring bikes more interesting, but as home exercise bikes, they quickly become tedious.

Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes (or upright bikes) are the exercise bikes that most people can identify. It’s the same basic model as in the 1980’s. Once again, it’s fairly uncomfortable. You can’t really do anything like read or watch TV because you’re leaning left and right and bouncing, so it, too, quickly gets boring.

Dual Action Bikes

Dual action bikes are aptly named, as they give you both an upper and lower body workout. There are handles that move independently – much like an elliptical machine. It’s a good workout, but a bit tough for beginners, and as usual, the time on the bike will eventually get boring.

You can also get dual action bikes that allow you to adjust the machine to create an arm-pedaling workout. It’s usually fairly difficult to make the adjustments. It’s also two separate exercises, which create a longer workout. Most people aren’t as likely to keep up such a routine.

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are the exercise bikes with the comfortable bucket seats. You sit back and lower to the ground as you pedal. These exercise bikes are easy enough for even the most sedentary beginners, and they usually offer workout programs to keep the workouts from becoming mundane.

The Experts Recognize the Advantages of Recumbent Bikes

Physicians and Personal trainers recommend recumbent bikes. Recumbent bikes are better for people of all different fitness levels. You are more likely to keep up a recumbent bike routine over time, the bikes are safer, and there are different benefits for both men and women.

Recumbent Bikes for All Fitness Levels

Even the most sedentary person will find a recumbent exercise bike easy to use. You can adjust the settings to offer little or no resistance as you pedal. People who are overweight will definitely find the seat much larger and more comfortable than other exercise bikes.

Athletes will find the recumbent exercise bike a challenge. The resistance can become incredibly difficult. The bike can simulate pedaling up hills. Most recumbent bikes offer various programs that will require you to sprint and tackle hills. If you want an upper body workout as you pedal, you can easily add weights and do repetitions as you sit back in the recumbent bike seat.

Recumbent Bikes Offer a Sustainable Workout

The programs offered by most recumbent exercise bikes definitely keep the workout from becoming boring. You can simulate a course that is easy or difficult, flat or hilly. When shopping for exercise bikes, it’s better to get a bike with as many variations as possible.

The fact that a recumbent bike is suitable for all levels will keep you getting back on the bike. If you’re feeling particularly tired or lazy one day, you can have an easy workout where you can read a book or newspaper. If you really want to test your limits, you can crank up the music, set the machine to more difficult levels, and add some weights for an upper body workout.

Recumbent Bikes are Safer

Because you sit back and lower to the ground in a recumbent bike, it is better for your body. Most exercise bikes force you to hunch over, causing a stiff back. Some dual action bikes are back injuries waiting to happen. Recumbent bikes require that you sit with good posture as you pedal.

Recumbent bikes also offer one of the few cardio workouts that put no pressure on your knees and other joints. You can’t “cheat” on a recumbent bike and stand up when you’re finding it more difficult to pedal. Standing like that on other types of exercise bikes puts unnecessary pressure on your knees and ankles. Recumbent bikes let your body exercise at an angle where your body weight is not stressing your joints. Even people with back and knee problems will find a recumbent bike easy to use.

Why Men Should Choose Recumbent Exercise Bikes

So many men neglect their lower bodies when they workout, especially in strength training. It’s common to see buffed out men with giant biceps and tiny little bird legs. That’s because it’s easier to get an upper body workout at home. If you just invest in a recumbent bike, you can set the machine to high resistance. You will build leg muscle, and you can even do curls while you pedal.

Recumbent bikes can also allow men to get a great cardio workout without the discomfort that only a man knows on regular bikes or other types of exercise bikes. With the large, comfortable seats of recumbent bikes, you are much more likely to enjoy your workout pain-free.

If you move the seat of a recumbent bike up a bit to bring your legs higher, you can even target the lower abs and have to do less crunches to get the bottom of your six-pack!

Things Women Should Know About Recumbent Bikes

Two words, ladies: legs and bottoms. Recumbent exercise bikes are so comfortable and easy to use that eventually you can do workouts giving you results like you’ve spent hours a day on a stair-stepper.

Recumbent bikes can give you a fat burning cardio workout with enough resistance to help you build long, lean muscle. Picture Tina Turner legs. Recumbent bikes also are great for your inner thighs. Using different programs and settings, you will be able to target different muscle areas in your legs for longer looking, leaner legs.

According to most polls, women claim in higher numbers to not have time for exercise because of more responsibilities in the home. With the positioning of a recumbent bike, you can multi-task to more easily fit in a workout. You are able to read, catch the news, and even use a phone or your handheld organizer.

Finding a Recumbent Exercise Bike

With prices between $200 and $3000, there is quite a variety of recumbent bikes available. Use the Internet to find great deals (including free shipping most of the time). Because the bikes are great for any level and help you to finally be able to stick with a safe and effective workout routine, you can splurge a little. This is definitely one of the best investments you can make for your health.